by Angelina Perino

Hi loves, Angelina here! Emma and I wanted to share a bit of what we’ve been up to lately out here on the west coast (when we’re not in the dance studio, that is).

As many of you guys know, Emma is currently based in beautiful San Diego and I’m based in the equally as beautiful but breezier San Francisco. One of the things we enjoy doing no matter what city we’re in is discovering special corners for great food, photography, art, and a really good cup of coffee… we love our coffee.

Inspiration is everywhere. Emma and I are constantly sharing our latest discoveries and ever-changing sources of inspiration with one another. Now we’re able to share them with you all! In between our artist features, we’ll be sure to update a couple of times a month with some more personal posts like this one.

We’ve included the names of some of these great spots pictured below in case any of you are ever in San Diego or San Francisco and would like to check these sweet places out. Enjoy!

All photos taken by Emma and myself.







Follow us on our personal Instagram’s to see more:

 @em_wilmarth • @ang_perino

A’s favorites: City Lights Books / Workshop Cafe / The Grove SF / San Francisco Flower Mart

E’s favorites: Native Poppy / Harbor Breakfast / Devils Dozen Donuts / San Diego Dog Beach


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