by Angelina Perino


Hey guys, Ang here. This post is about a concept I’ve been processing for awhile in my personal artistic life and is furthermore the concept from which my inspiration for the name of this blog originated from.

Two things —

A “cove” in the literal sense of the word is a small shelter, a nook. I wanted our name — the artists’ cove — to represent a safe and inviting space for inspiration to be given and shared between artists and readers. The second and more profound idea I really want to get at here is that “cove” is just the first half of a larger word with a greater meaning: covenant.

If you were to look up the word “covenant” in any dictionary, it would say something along the lines of “a sacred agreement or contract.” Point blank. Simple. While of course it is that, to me it holds a greater meaning. This is true for all artists in particular.

I believe that when artists are born, before they’re even introduced to what it is they’re supposed to do in the world, whether that is to paint, write, dance, sing — they have already been entered into a sacred contract with themselves and the universe. What I know for sure is there is a creative force that runs through the universe that everything and everyone is touched by, artist or otherwise. Artists, above anything, feel this force, because it is what propels our every impulse, move and desire to create. This is where I believe our most profound moments of inspiration come from. We feel most powerful when we are in sync with it. This creative energy comes to us in many forms and it guides us along our paths as creators. It is always calling out to us to come create. Through our art, it teaches us our greatest lessons and presents us with our deepest tests. It’s a sacred relationship. We expand. We then have more to offer. That’s what it’s about.

It is when we ignore the urges it gives us that discontentment and suffering set in. That’s because you were born to do whatever that thing is that you have a fierce hunger for. It is in your DNA. You feel it in your bones that there is a deep need to dabble in your art. Your passion was given to you to share! Always remember that as an artist, you are engaged in this “covenant” with your art. Call it what you will, but it really is a beautiful thing.

I know there are deeply difficult moments that intersect the path of the creative, but know that these moments are only there to expand your compassion as a human being and reaffirm the unconditional love within you for what it is you do. You sacrifice for those you truly love; it is no different with art. Growth is an imperfectly perfect process. Be patient with yourselves. Do it with reverence and gratitude and never, ever stop.

xx Angelina

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