by Angelina Perino

Hey loves! It’s been a minute since we’ve last posted. Emma and I have both been extremely busy the last couple of months or so and inevitably have had to take a little time away from the blog, but we’ve also been finding moments here and there to prepare upcoming material for The Artists’ Cove. Emma’s also been able to make her way up the west coast to visit me here in San Francisco a couple of times which was extra special since our time together is s0 rare nowadays.

As I’ve said before, we do our best to seek inspiration in everything. Making time occasionally to do small things that feed your soul is an essential part of keeping the artist in you awake and your cup full, if not spilling over. Emma and I love seeing what a city holds — that could be the beautifully unique San Francisco architecture and charming alleyways (if you do not enjoy twinkle lights strung over your head, then this example is not for you), or in one of the many tiny, almost hidden, floor-to-ceiling-stocked bookstores patiently waiting to be discovered. I also believe any moment is made better with a truly good cup of coffee in hand and my favorite Bobbi Brown matte dark red lip; Emma might say her favorite pair of J. Crew boyfriend jeans and poloroid in hand. I don’t know guys, it really is the small things.

We’ve chosen some of our favorite photos from the past couple of months — sort of the ‘moments in between’ our daily dance and performance schedules — to share with you guys. Like last time, the names of some of these places will of course be included for you as well in case any of you are in the area and want to check these out for yourself!

Here’s life lately, the moments in between:


The Mill SF / Reveille Coffee / Fillmore Street / Anthropologie / Better Buzz Coffee

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@ang_perino • @em_wilmarth

Much love,

Angelina xx

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