“Give yourself grace — it will all come in time.” –Cassidy

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The art of being a woman: the phrase that many women have come to see and know on the always stunning front page of a prominent magazine that is empowering women and redefining beauty around the globe — Darling Magazine. Meet Cassidy Boatright, manager of all things visual media at Darling. For those of you who are fans of Darling (myself included, more on that later on), and keep up with Darling via their stunning Instagram account, Cass is the woman behind it all. Confident, intelligent, ambitious, inspiring, and creative, she is, and after interviewing her I realized that this is indeed a woman that genuinely knows herself, a trait I admire deeply. Darling Magazine holds a special place in my heart and every day life, and to be quite honest, I believe it sourced a large amount of inspiration for me to start The Artists’ Cove. I cherish this magazine and its valuable content; it offers intelligent and thoughtful conversations, mesmorizing visual work,  and a governing wisdom that I feel all women crave. It is a joy for me to share a peek inside the world of Darling through the eyes of one of its most valuable assets: Cassidy Boatright.


Angelina: Where are you from originally?
Cassidy: I grew up in the East Bay Area — about 30 minutes east of San Francisco.

A: What did you study in school?
C: I’m actually still in school! I am entering my senior year, studying Business Administration.

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A: What did you want to be when you we’re growing up?
C: I actually grew up (and also started a degree in college) whole-heartedly dedicated to music. The majority of my growing-up years, I envisioned myself as a full-time, professional musician and vocalist. I still do love music + most of my personal time is spent immersed in it, but currently my professional pursuit has shifted to visual media.

A: How would you describe your role in the company? Darling is young but quickly expanding; where do you see it headed in the next few years?
C: My role at Darling is that of Visual Media Manager. Within this, I oversee and develop all content for our social media channels as well as all the visuals for the Darling Blog. To me, Darling has always been and is at the forefront of creating media that matters for women since it started five years ago. I can tell you that there are some extremely exciting things to come from Darling in the next few years across all five of our verticals—print, online, social, events, and now studios! I know that in the years to come, Darling will reach more and more women with the message that they are “not just here, but here for a purpose.”

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A: When did you know you wanted to work for a magazine?
C: I knew that I wanted to work for Darling the moment I held the first issue in my hands. A teacher introduced me to Darling when it was just a Kickstarter campaign back when I was in high school, and I have followed the movement ever since! It’s definitely a dream come true to work for a company that I so deeply admire and that has shaped so much of who I am.

A: Describe the essence of Darling Magazine. Why is it unique?
C: I like to describe Darling as a friend. The kind that inspires, loves, challenges, and reassures you with her every word. Darling Magazine is unique because it not only showcases stunning, fresh visual art, but it also hosts conversations about issues that truly matter. I love that the Darling Team listens first, then speaks—always with grace and truth.

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A: Why do you believe a magazine with content like Darling is essential in today’s culture?
C: Now that Darling is a media company (but don’t worry—print is not going anywhere!), I believe even more so that the message we bring to the table is essential. Our goal is to create content that makes women feel loved, not less. In a world that screams at us constantly about our lack, Darling is a beautiful reminder that we are fully valued just as we are. Not only this, but it speaks to relevant issues with a sense of intelligence and wisdom that I find missing in so many media sources geared toward women. Darling Magazine has filled a void in print media with its meaningful take on “the art of being a woman” and content that speaks to deeper and more substantiative topics.

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A: Nowadays, we hear a variety of opinions on whether social media holds a positive or negative influence in society. As the Visual Media Manager at Darling, I would love to know your thoughts on this.
C: It’s funny to say—but I think how we relate to social media is a personal journey we each have to walk out. As a young person who has grown up in this new “normal” of a social-obsessed world, I personally have allowed it to define me many times. We’ve heard it before, but the temptation is to compare our ugliest moments with the highlight reel of someone else’s life. Not only this, but there is an immense pressure for each of us to make our lives look like an idealized highlight reel—one that may not even be true to the very reality we live in. The realization that no Instagram feed represents the entirety of a person is one we all have to come to.

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While there are definitely many not-so-great things about social media, I think there are a lot of positives to it as well. You can keep an artistic visual journal of your life, meet new friends and connect with old ones, discover inspiring content, host meaningful conversations, and even build your business. Social media isn’t evil; innately it’s just a tool. We have to hold ourselves accountable for how we engage with it.

A: From what do you draw your creative inspiration?
C: I definitely draw creative inspiration from the women I work with on staff at Darling. It’s hard to explain how deeply I admire each person on this team who has impacted my life for so many years. Our conversations challenge and inspire me daily. I also really love digesting tons of visuals to stay fresh. I always tell people that Pinterest is a great place to start; just start pinning what you think looks good and you’ll eventually start recognizing your unique visual taste. I love being in nature: noticing the subtleties of how the sunlight streams through the leaves at dusk, feeling sand between your toes, or being captivated by a sunset on the top of the mountain. Also, I love finding small moments of joy: like early morning coffee, driving with the windows down, or diving into a pool on a warm afternoon.

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A: What are three things you cannot live without?
C: A solid organizational system. Maybe sounds boring, but it’s the only way I get my work done. I use a to-do list app called Wunderlist, Google Docs & Sheets (all day!), and a good written planner (I’m obsessed with Appointed).
A great candle.
Paul Simon’s music.

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A: If you could live and do your work in any city in the world, which would you choose?
C: I think that’d have to be San Francisco (or somewhere in the area). My love for the East Bay runs so deep—I could never imagine wanting to be anywhere else! Except maybe San Luis Obispo or Ojai on a farm.

A: Is there a quote that inspires you and/or keeps you grounded?

“May we never lose our wonder.”
— Amanda Cook

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A: Lastly, if you could offer words of wisdom to a younger Cassidy, what would you say to her?
C: Don’t be so hard on yourself. Take it a bit easier and give yourself grace—it will all come in time.


See more of Cassidy’s day-to-day inspiration via Instagram | @cassboatright

See her work for Darling Magazine on Instagram | @darling

Check out Darling’s online content at darlingmagazine.org

Follow The Artists’ Cove on Instagram for daily photos and behind the scenes content | @theartistscove



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