“If photography has taught me one thing, it’s to slow down — it helps you notice things you have never noticed before. Whether it’s a reflection or a different perspective, there’s always something new waiting, especially in Chicago.” –Andrew Glatt

20170901-A75_2503 copy‘Scarlett’ | Mini Goldendoodle

Seeing Chicago through the eyes of Andrew Glatt is livening — whether you know the glory of this city’s layout and architecture by heart or you have never stepped foot in the midwest, he skillfully immerses you in the certain kind of passion and pride that lives in the hearts of so many Chicago lovers. Glossy reflections captured during a chilly, rainy day in the city (a rainy Chicago is my favorite), illuminated by warm oranges and reds, set to the backdrop of the contrasting cooler tones of the city’s famous architecture is magnified through the lens of Andrew Glatt. Combined with his heartwarming photography of the many beautiful pups that happily trot along on one of Northern Chicago’s well known streets full of shops and small restaurants — Southport Avenue — Andrew’s photography embodies all of the best and most lovable components of Chicago, aka  “my kind of town.”


Angelina Perino: Where are you from originally?
Andrew Glatt: Originally from Kansas! Overland Park to be specific. No I did not grow up on a farm.

AP: What was it that pulled you to Chicago?
AG: I moved to Chicago about 3 and a half years ago after graduating from college. I went to KU and studied civil engineering. I was offered a job out of college in Chicago and I couldn’t say no because, well, it’s Chicago.


AP: Let’s talk photography. When did you realize it was something you loved to do?
AG: I first picked up a camera beginning of Summer 2016, but didn’t get seriously into it until about a year ago. I guess I realized I was spending time on stuff that didn’t enrich my life in any way. So I called up my brother and asked if I could borrow his Nikon D3200 and see if photography was something I would enjoy. It only took about a week or two for me to figure out that it was going to be something.


AP: What do you think makes photography an art form different from others?
AG: My favorite thing about photography is seeing how differently people view everyday life. Everyone’s vision is so unique, both in shooting and post processing. Look at the numerous Instagram meet ups throughout the year – you’ll have 50 people taking the same photo and no two takes will be the same.


AP: What is your favorite aspect of being a street photographer? I’d love to know what your creative process is like.
AG: I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a street photographer – in my head the legends like Henri Cartier-Bresson, Vivian Maier, etc are true street photographers. I just love taking photos of Chicago street scenes (especially anything orange!). But my favorite part of the creative process would have to be the process of shooting itself. I really enjoy the challenge of seeing things in a way that I or anyone else hasn’t before. If photography has taught me one thing, it’s to slow down — it helps you notice things you have never noticed before. Whether it’s a reflection or a different perspective, there’s always something new waiting, especially in Chicago.


AP: From what do you draw your inspiration?
AG: Definitely the majority of my inspiration comes from my favorite photographers. Since the start, the one who has had the biggest impact on me is Paola Franqui aka @monaris_ based out of New York. If I’m every lacking inspiration, I simply pull up her work. There are a ton of Chicago people too who I’ve gotten to know and am lucky to call friends. The photography community in the city is pretty incredible.

AP: Chicago — what is it about this city that makes it such an interesting ground for photography?
AG: I think it’s the fact that Chicago provides opportunities for every type of photography. There is so much history and so much character to draw inspiration from. There are also so many different spots and neighborhoods to hit so there’s always somewhere new to explore.



AP: Do you have a favorite spots/view that you like to shoot?
AG: There’s a long list of spots in Chicago, but my top two would have to be the State and Lake train stop and Lasalle St downtown. There are so many shots you can get at State and Lake, it’s crazy — and Lasalle is just a classic. There are always interesting subjects to shoot and they just repaved it so when it rains the reflections are next-level.


AP: Where did the inspiration to start @pupsofsouthport (one of my new favorites pages to follow on IG) come from?
AG: First off, so cool that you follow! It’s my passion project and I’m excited to see where it goes. I had always thought someone should do it for this area in the city since there are SO MANY beautiful dogs. For some reason, I never considered that I could be that person. I’m not sure if it was the photographing/editing aspect or the minor social anxiety of approaching strangers to take photos of their dog, but one day I just decided to do it. Why not? Worst thing that comes from it is I get to make friends with a few pups and call it a day.

20171020-A75_9973-3‘Gracie’ | Frenchie

20171020-A75_0012‘Carl’ | Mini Goldendoodle

20171027-A75_0986‘Milk’ | Frenchie

AP: What would you like for aspiring photographers or artists of any kind reading this to know?
AG: Put yourself out there. Reach out to people. I was hesitant at the start, but simply reaching out to your favorite photographers – comment, DM, email – can lead to more than you’d think. A lot of the people I now call friends are the result of me reaching out back when I didn’t have a clue what I was doing (not that I do now, but you get the point).

AP: I’m guessing your free time is spent mostly behind the camera, but what would you say is your favorite way to spend time outside of photography?
AG: Between my 8-5 engineering job and photography, there isn’t a whole lot of time for anything else. I’ll go with music. I love discovering new music and going to as many shows as I can. When we’re in the groove, my girlfriend and I try to get to atleast a couple shows a month.



AP: If you could live in any city in the world and do your work, where would that be?
AG: Definitely New York. I visited last month and it was my first photography-specific trip ever. That place is incredible… I don’t know how long I would last if I actually lived there, but it’d be worth the shot.

AP: Lastly, if you could offer advice to your younger self, what would you say to him?
AG: Pick up a camera. Now. It sounds dramatic but I truly had no idea the impact photography would have on my life. Everything has changed for the better and it’s something I never could have imagined.

20171027-A75_0976‘Louis’ | Border Collie & German Shepherd Mix


See more of Andrew’s spectacular city & pup photography via Instagram | @andrew_glatt & @pupsofsouthport

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